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Scouting for a School Series (SSS): Location, location, location

It’s January and it’s school scouting season for most parents. Most of the parenting forums I’ve scanned these past weeks are all talking about what school is best for their children and parents talk about different schools’ credentials. So to interrupt our regular series on Classroom Routines, let’s first tackle the journey that most parents take.. scouting for a school.

The first thing is LOCATION. This is important because your child’s school should be near your residence. Let’s qualify the term “near”. Your child should not be traveling for hours just to reach school. I’m sure it will be very inconvenient for your family and very tiring for your child.

If your child’s school is VERY NEAR your home, this will also give you a chance to walk your child to school 🙂 One of the parents in our school placed a car seat on her bike just to bring her child to school while biking. Some of our students also bike to school with their parents.

The important thing about distance is that it should not give added strain, anxiety and exhaustion to your child. He may equate these feelings to his overall school outlook.

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