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Traditional vs Progressive Schools: Q and A

When I check my blog statistics, a fair share of parents (specially moms) visit the site because they are either curious on what progressive schools are compared to traditional schools or if the school they’re considering meet the standards of what a progressive school is. I’m glad that the parents are making extra time to really understand what progressive schools are to help them decide on what school to choose for their children.

I first saw our school’s name in the forum of Mom Exchange, a Filipino website specifically designed to help Moms with various topics on motherhood. One particular post which mentioned our school’s name is a post entitled “Traditional vs. Progressive Schools”, which outlined a chart presented by Teacher Didi Manahan of Explorations School in Mandaluyong, Philippines. The post doesn’t actually pit the two types of schools but rather show the moms the difference between the two, Why? Well, because Traditional Schools in Manila is the norm while Progressive Schools are the new kids on the block. It is easier to understand something new if it is compared against something you’ve known for a long time. The post itself has gained around 600 comments since it was posted last year.

The questions of the mommies are very interesting and shows that there is still a need to spread the word about progressive education.

Do you have questions about progressive education? Do you want to know specific differences between Traditional and Progressive Schools? Do you want recommendations on schools in your area? This is our very first Q and A post. You are welcome to post your questions about progressive education in the comment section. As a token of our appreciation, every poster will get an e-book I wrote entitled “I Love to Read! — A Progressive Approach in Encouraging your Child to Read”. So hurry and ask that question!

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